Councillors Stop Street Trading On Main Hugh Town Roads

phill deason veg stallCouncillors have agreed a new street trading policy, which bans operators from setting up along Hugh Street and the Lower Strand, from the Mermaid car park to the Rechabite Slip.

It’s been rewritten following complaints that the last policy was confusing and controversial.

Some people felt the restrictions on trading within 50 metres of an existing business or another street trader selling similar goods was too wide in such a small area.

At yesterday’s Licensing Committee meeting, councillors approved the revised policy, which reduces that distance to 25 metres and includes a number of amendments designed to improve the safety of road users and pedestrians.

Cllr Avril Mumford proposed including Silver Street in the restricted areas too.

She said someone could trade on the corner where there are no yellow lines.

She felt that was too near to other premises and people also wanted to park their cars there, since Hugh Street was now a no-parking area.

Over the summer, St Mary’s fruit and veg seller Phill Deason was moved from his regular pitch outside the former Cornerhouse building on Hugh Street to an area by the Bishop and Wolf pub on Silver Street, which now comes under the restrictions.

Cllr Christine Savill felt some street traders “won’t be particularly happy” because the restricted areas are the busiest and they’ll want to trade where the customers are.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin said she would prefer The Park to be offered for trading because it’s “a nice safe area to use.”

But the Senior Officer for Licensing, Sue Pritchard, pointed out that vehicles wouldn’t be able to get through the gates.

Councillors voted unanimously to accept the new policy, including Cllr Mumford’s proposal to include Silver Street in the no-trading zones.

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