Scilly’s Airport Buffet Reopens

Carol and Nigel at the new Airport Buffet

Carol and Nigel at the new Airport Buffet

Food is being served again at the airport as the new-look St Mary’s Airport Buffet has opened for business.

The remodelled café area offers better views of take-offs and landing as the seating area stretches into the former departure lounge.

But you can’t see across the fields towards the town and harbour so well because of the new wall enclosing the outdoor patio area.

Under the new layout, the buffet is a focal point within the building and one of the first things passengers will see as they leave the check-in area.

Operators Nigel Young and Carol Drage are happy with the new facility.

Carol says the new kitchen is lighter and more professional, and it feels “less home made” than their previous set up.

A lot have people have come up to take a look at the new terminal, she says, and comments have generally been very positive.

There are currently fewer tables than previously but that’s temporary until the new furniture arrives, says Nigel.

And he says the new layout of the terminal shouldn’t stop the regular winter evening Scalextric sessions for islanders, using the track laid around the buffet area. Those will return soon, he says.