Police And Crime Commissioner Says Non-Emergency Phone Service ‘Unacceptable’

police phoneThe region’s Police and Crime Commissioner says the non-emergency 101 phone service is “unacceptable” and “must be improved.”

Even though St Mary’s is the only police station within the Devon and Cornwall force to retain its own direct dial number, islanders are still advised to use the centralised number introduced in September 2011.

That’s because the call centre offers a 24-hour service and messages left on the Scilly station answerphone may not be picked up regularly.

Tony Hogg’s review has found calls to 101 are answered quickly and courteously. But there are problems with the IT systems and staffing levels, which means 1 in 5 callers are left on hold for over 20 minutes, waiting to be put through to the right person.

Tony says people should be able to get through to the police rapidly if they need to.

He’s recruiting extra staff to the call centre and putting new performances measures in place. Improvements in the service will be seen by the New Year, he says.