Recycled Waste Collections Could Start Within Six Months

moorwell dump with truckThe Council’s Senior Manager for Infrastructure says he’s hopeful that recycled waste collections can start on St Mary’s within the next six months.

Craig Dryden told members of the General Purposes Committee that the pilot scheme in Old Town, launched in February, was still in operation, but they weren’t going to expand that.

He said it was better to have a “step change” in collection, introduced once they’ve decided the most cost-effective method to use.

They’re considering two options – a ‘blue box’ scheme where cardboard, paper, tins and plastics are separated by the householder, or one where all the recyclable material goes into a single bag.

Craig said the all-in-one solution is simpler, but they wouldn’t get as much when they sell on the waste for recycling. They’ll also have to change the current refuse vehicle to deal with the new collections.

Craig said that a considerable amount of work has been going on in the background to sort out the waste issues across the islands.

Most of this year was spent making sure the Council had the right licences and permits for the Moorwell dump.

They’ve also brought in new waste consultants, the RPS Group, and ended their contract with former contractor SLR.

Craig says there’s a dedicated waste team now in place at Moorwell, and former AONB Officer Rebecca Steggles is stepping into a new role focussed on waste and recycling.

But he cautioned that there’s still “a long way to go” to deal with the remaining material on the Moorwell site, including builders’ rubble, ash from the incinerator and green waste.

That’s likely to use up the remaining £2m of funding provided to the Council by Defra and Craig said they’ll need to write new business cases to access more money.

He said islanders should see “significant results” within 18 months.

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