New Travel Guide Will Highlight Scilly’s Spiritual Sites

powerful places bookA new book will recommend Scilly to travellers who want a magical, mystical experience.

Gary White and Elyn Aviva will launch ‘Powerful Places in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’ next month.

Elyn says the guide isn’t about telling visitors where to go fishing or who serves the best coffee. She says the focus is on ‘transformational travel,’ which aims to change you as a person in some fundamental way.

They believe there’s a special quality to Scilly that tourists seeking destinations with a spiritual quality should experience.

Gary and Elyn felt that Bryher’s Shipman Head Down and Hell Bay, as well as the ancient village at Halangy on St Mary’s were all special destinations that shared a unique quality.

From Radio Scilly

Gary White and Elyn Aviva talk about what’s inspired them in Scilly.

The book mixes mystic qualities with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the experience. It uses Ordnance Survey and GPS plotting to direct people to the sites, and includes QR codes which, when scanned, can launch a website or video on a mobile phone.

Their ‘Powerful Places’ blog has a large following in the United States. Elyn hopes Americans will be intrigued by Scilly and travel across the Atlantic to experience the islands. Gary says Americans don’t have the depth of history we have in Europe and they’re keen to connect to something deeper while travelling.

The new book is published in December