MP Wants Islanders’ Views On Mobile Phone Service

tv mastScilly’s MP wants islanders seeking better mobile phone coverage to contact him.

Some people on the islands have complained that they can see the mobile mast at Telegraph but can’t get a mobile signal.

Andrew George says this is an issue that he’d like addressed as part of the government’s mobile infrastructure project.

Mr George argues that a decent 3G signal “fit for the technological requirements of this day and age” is now essential for most residents and businesses.

Currently the islands have a slow 2G mobile network.

From Radio Scilly

MP Andrew George wants to hear your views on Scilly’s mobile coverage.

Penzance is the nearest town to Scilly in which you can reliably surf the internet on your phone with faster, web-friendly 3G coverage.

Some parts of the UK have even faster 4G service and it’s thought that new broadband infrastructure could make enhanced mobile data speeds more likely.

Andrew says he’s talking to Digital Communications Minister Ed Vasey to ensure areas with mobile signal problems are taken into account.

That means he’s keen to hear about islanders’ experiences.

And if you use the internet at home or work, your communication will be faster soon.

Conservative peer Lord Ahmad will visit St Mary’s on Friday where he will learn how superfast broadband, enabled by an undersea cable, will transform our economy when it is turned on later this month.

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