Scilly’s Police Using New Lost Property Website

police station 3You won’t need to go to the police station on St Mary’s to report lost property from this week.

The Devon and Cornwall force are now using a website that will allow you to enter details of your lost items and when they were misplaced.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says this will save officers time across the region but still allow them to match up items that have been handed in with the right owners.

He says the site is secure – only the police will be able to see the items listed – and you’ll get a unique reference number that you can use for insurance purposes.

Anyone coming into the station will now be directed to the new website although you can still drop off any items that you’ve found.

Colin says officers in Scilly can deal with up to ten lost items a day in the season and it’s not unusual to have a queue of five people waiting when they open up in the morning.

He hopes locals and visitors will use the new online facility. It’s free to use the website, which can be found at