Kier To Take Over Old School Site During St Mary’s Quay Extension

Old school site at Carn Thomas

Old school site at Carn Thomas

There’s a new use for the old secondary school site at Carn Thomas.

Construction company Kier will be using the ground floor as their office while they work on extending the quay at St Mary’s Harbour.

Manager Rients Jan Veldkamp says they’ll also create a common room for the workforce during downtime and adverse weather.

Around 8 to 10 people will be working from there.

Rients says islands’ tradesmen are currently carrying out some refurbishment works including the removal of an old partition, updating all the electrics, plumbing and fresh paint on the walls.

They’ve also taken on an islands-based Civil Engineering Supervisor.

The building stopped being used as a school base in 2011, although it was used for a temporary library and register office during the redevelopment of Porthcressa.

There are plans to develop it for extra care housing although that’s still awaiting funding. Kier will be paying rent to the Council, which will go towards the redevelopment costs.

Kier also need a site for storage of materials and to install a temporary concrete batching plant.

They’d like to use the current Lagan site at Parting Carn, which was used for the airport and road resurfacing work over the summer, but haven’t submitted a planning application yet.

In order to avoid delays with the quay work, councillors will be asked in an urgent item at tomorrow’s Planning Meeting to allow the Senior Manager for Planning, Craig Dryden, to determine whether any application they submit is acceptable.