Talks Will Examine Another Side Of War

Mary Gibbs

Mary Gibbs

It’s Armistice Day today and this week, Britain is remembering the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

But this weekend, there’s the first of two talks examining the other side of war.

Mary Gibbs, who originally comes from East Anglia, has found a book amongst her late mother’s possession written by a Mr Butcher from Wisbech.

He was sent to jail during the First World War for refusing to join the army as a conscientious objector.

From Radio Scilly

Mary Gibbs talks about Mr Butcher’s book…

Mary says she was moved by his story. The man was sentenced to six months hard labour in Wormwood Scrubs for refusing to wear a uniform and Mary says the conditions in the jail were terrible.

And she says she was surprised to read that Mr Butcher was ostracised by some of his neighbours on his return home.

Mary hopes that her two talks will demonstrate that holding different views is acceptable in modern society, something Mr Butcher was trying to explain in his book.

The meetings will be held over the next two Fridays at 7.30pm in The Manse.