New Travel Guide Offers Unique Perspective On The Islands

chris sturmanA new travel guide offering a glimpse of Scilly from a pet’s perspective will be published next year.

It’s been written by regular visitor Chris Sturman.

The book is filled with tips on what to do on the islands, gleaned from 30 years of exploring Scilly by land, boat and canoe. The text and numerous pictures are supported by ‘pirate’ maps on parchment-style paper.

Some islanders will remember Chris’ dog Ruby, who ‘sings’ along to his owner’s harmonica playing. Radio Scilly featured her rendition of the national anthem when she was staying at Evergreen Cottage three years ago.

And the book could enjoy a publicity boost if Chris’ TV plan succeeds – he’s enrolled his tuneful terrier on the next series of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

The new book has another unique selling point. There’ll be clues to help readers locate a piece of Scilly treasure – a ‘piece of eight’ coin recovered from the wreck of The Association.

Chris says he gets a lot of pleasure bringing Ruby to Scilly and hopes the book will encourage more visitors to take their pets along.

He says the 130-page book, Ruby’s Top 10 Days in Paradise, will be on sale in island shops in time for the start of the new season.