Councillors Asked To Ditch Water Saving Measures Only Months After Hosepipe Ban

The proposed development of the site

The proposed development of the site

Only months after imposing a hosepipe ban on St Mary’s due to a water shortage, councillors will this week be asked to remove water-saving measures on a troubled Council building project.

The original planning permission for the Porthmellon Innovation Centre included a condition requiring a water harvesting system to be installed.

But in a report that will go before the Planning Committee on Thursday, Senior Manager Craig Dryden will ask councillors to remove that requirement.

He writes that following survey work, it became apparent that the underground water tank needed for the scheme would not be possible due to the high water table on the site.

Craig says that other measures will ensure that water consumption is as low as possible.

This is the second time that changes to the planning permission have been requested. Earlier this year, the roofline, doors and windows had to be altered because a survey found the original foundations of the building could not support the proposed steel structure.

That delayed work on the site for months and the project isn’t now expected to open until May 2015. It’s had a knock-on effect on the electric ‘Buzza Bus,’ which was due to be garaged and charged at the site – the Council is having to pay £4,000 to use another location.

At June’s General Purposes meeting, Council Chairman Amanda Martin made a call to bring back the islands’ ‘water barometer’ outside the Town Hall following reports that the new desalination plant was underperforming.

That was approved by councillors but never implemented.

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