Scilly Calendars Proving As Popular As Ever

scilly calendar 2015In a world of electronic organisers and smart phones you might think that traditional printed calendars are dying out.

But the success of the 2015 Isles of Scilly calendar is proving that’s far from the truth.

Robert Sanger has been producing the popular wall calendars for the past seven years and he says there’s a huge amount of work that goes into their production.

He’s already designed the 2016 edition, which needs to be ready by the end of January.

Robert says the most important aspect is the front cover because that’s what catches people’s eye when they’re thinking about buying one.

The 2015 edition features a photo of a sandy path through dune grasses and flowers on Green Porth beach on Tresco.

From Radio Scilly

Robert Sanger talks about the work that goes into each year’s calendar.

That’s proving “incredibly popular” says Robert.

And he says while he might choose the odd stormy scene for one of the pages, it’s usually sunny, summery scenes that buyers want to see.

Robert says he’s lucky because Scilly has such a loyal following of visitors who love the islands. Once they’ve found a calendar they like, they come back year after year.

They’re sold through island retailers through the summer season, but the online sales start to pick up in autumn. And Robert says he’s amazed at how many get sent to far-flung places on the globe.

He’s just sent one to the outback of Australia. He emailed the lady who ordered it to find out what her connection to Scilly was and she told him she used to visit as a child, before moving down under.

The calendars are very popular with older people who can no longer travel to the islands. Robert says they tell him the images bring back happy memories of former holidays.

And it’s not just calendars that are doing well.

Robert says he’s selling “literally thousands” of postcards – more than ever before.

His best seller is view from Tresco across the beach to St Helens with a traditional sailing boat out on the water, while a view of Pelistry on St Mary’s, looking out to Tolls Island also does well.

He says Scilly gets so many repeat visitors that it’s important to bring out more new cards every year.

The Isles of Scilly Calendar is available from St Mary’s Post Office, the TIC, Tideline, the Abbey Gardens, St Agnes Post Office and Hell Bay Hotel.

You can also order one online here.