Old Scillonia Airways Plane Makes A Comeback

scillonia airways rapideThe owners of the last remaining aircraft used on the Scillonia Airways service hope that they will soon have the chance to fly it back to St Mary’s.

It is the same aeroplane that served Scilly in the sixties, flying passenger services out of St Mary’s, Land’s End and Exeter from 1965 to 1969.

The directors of the Berkshire-based aviation firm bought the 1944-built De Havilland 89 Rapide in 1979 from the Army Parachute Association.

14 years ago, they purchased the Scillonia Airways name from Companies House.

Director Laurie Gregoire says it’s been “a labour of love” restoring the vintage aircraft that he says represents a piece of Scilly’s history.

The plane has been at half a dozen air shows this summer and Laurie says the livery and name has generated some interested, although a number of spectators assumed that it is from the Italian island of Sicily!

Laurie says the aircraft is available for hire and he would welcome hearing from any locals who want to take a flight in the plane.

And he says a number of people who used the service to reach Scilly in the sixties have already taken a “trip down memory lane” on a pleasure flight.

You can find out more about the plane here.