Warning Of Flood Risk To Islands On Friday

Storm boards at Porthmellon

Storm boards at Porthmellon

There could be a risk of some flooding in Scilly over the next 24 hours. The Environment Agency has warned the Council that high tides, strong winds and large waves could combine this afternoon and Friday morning.

High water is at 4.15pm and the 6.14m water level includes a forecast surge of 0.26m in a force 5 south southwesterly.

Friday morning’s high water at the harbour will be at 4.30am and will reach 6.03m, including a forecast surge of 0.16m in a force 7 west southwesterly.

Dan Marcus is the Senior Officer for Corporate and Governance at the Council and is looking after their weather response.

Dan says the Friday morning high tide is expected to be the most dangerous and the poor conditions are expected to continue over the weekend.

He said they’ll keep the public informed as new forecasts come in from the Met Office and Environment Agency.

The Council has put storm boards up at the Atlantic Slip, Thorofare and Pothmellon and if conditions warrant it, staff may patrol around high water tomorrow morning

Dan says the Council has been working closely with the Environment Agency, which has been providing extra information on risks including those posed by storm surges.