New Gig Club Appealing For Accommodation For Championships

Gigs-on-beachA newly formed gig club is appealing for gig weekend accommodation so their whole crew can compete.

The Exmouth club formed in March this year with a second hand gig, the Rodney Bey.

Toby Lagus says they want to travel to Scilly from Devon for their first World Pilot Gig Championship.

Toby says his club are keen to put Exmouth on the map of the Southwest and feel the championships will be a great showcase for that.

But it’s been a struggle finding accommodation for their rowers. After dozens of calls they’ve managed to place some of their entrants in various lodgings around St Mary’s.

But they still need more beds for the rest of the crew.

Toby will row in the Friday night Veterans race. He still can’t find a place himself and is getting desperate. He says they’ll take anything – a room, a spare bed or just a place to pitch a tent.

If you know of space over the first May Bank holiday, please call Toby on 07831 130462.

UPDATE: The remaining crew members have now been offered places by Rose Bird on St Agnes!

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