‘Katie’ Leaving Islands For New Life In Scotland

katie island rover bus at golf clubOne of Scilly’s most familiar vehicles is leaving the islands for Scotland on Tuesday.

Glynne Lucas has sold his 28-seater tour bus ‘Katie’ to the operator of wedding party tours in the famous marriage destination of Gretna.

Glynne says he had a dozen enquiries within days of announcing its sale on an internet forum and the purchaser was so keen he paid a deposit to secure the vehicle.

The vintage bus was one of six built in Guernsey in 1948 and was brought to the islands in 1989 by tour operator Bruce Maple.

From Radio Scilly

Glynne talks about Katie’s move to the mainland

Glynne says Scilly’s climate can accelerate rusting and the cost of keeping the vehicle on the road is becoming problematic. Katie’s a one-off and many spares have to be manufactured from scratch.

He says she needs a lot of work done and the facilities just aren’t available on Scilly to do that.

“It’s time to let her go to a better life,” says Glynne.

He says it will be businesses as usual with the tours next season, using the Volvo bus.

Colleague Fred Elms will miss Katie, says Glynne, but he’s hoping he’ll grow to love the open-sided bus that proved popular on the tours this year.

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