Scilly’s Tea And Beer Praised By Fundraiser

diane leigh RNLIBritain’s nicest cup of tea and best beer is served in Scilly. That’s what Cheshire-based Diane Leigh told yesterday’s national Sunday People newspaper.

Diane spent the summer touring the UK coastline during an 80-day, 4,034-mile journey, which raised £1,080 for the RNLI.

She travelled around the country using 31 trains, 19 buses, 2 planes and 16 boats, relying on the kindness of strangers as she sought out “little British things” to feature on her blog.

And that quest brought her to Scilly where she was put up for free by Dom and Emily at the Seven Stones Inn on St Martin’s, after her Twitter appeal.

Diane says the afternoon tea she was served at the Coastguard Cafe on St Agnes was the best of her tour, because she adores Troytown Farm’s clotted cream.

She’s full of praise for St Agnes and the pint of the Ales of Scilly Brewery’s Three Sheets was the most enjoyable drink she had during her journey.

Diane says she enjoyed her trips to Scilly, Shetland and North East Scotland the most, and those are the places she’d like to return to.

She’s been to our islands seven times now and the best part of her visit here, apart from the food and drink, was experiencing the kindness and friendliness of islanders.