New Plaque Commemorates Family Who Built Star Castle

godolphin plaqueVisitors to the Star Castle can now see a colourful reminder of the family who built the historic building.

A plaque, depicting the Godolphin family’s coat-of-arms has been placed on a wall as guests enter.

It’s in an area that the hotel calls ‘the killing zone’ where attackers would once have been fired on!

The Godolphins governed Scilly between 1570 and 1785. Sidney Godolphin, who visits the hotel from Camborne annually, donated the shield to owner Robert Francis.

It has been in storage for a while but island historian Richard Larn has now restored it and provided a guide to the shield, to help people understand the design elements.

The Godolphin name comes from the Cornish word for white eagle, which is featured prominently on a red shield and the three fleurs de lys suggest a French connection.

Sir Francis Godolphin built the castle on the orders of Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1593, aged just 23. Robert says it is incredible to think that he was just 38 when he died and had achieved so much, including a knighthood.

Guests have been reacting well to the new installation.

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