Councillor Says New Road Markings Make Town ‘200% Better’

strand bus stopNew restrictions that prevent parking on parts of The Strand will be lifted in the winter. The yellow road markings reserving a stretch of the roadside for buses only went down earlier this month.

Cllr Steve Sims, who chairs the Council’s General Purposes committee and is himself a bus driver, says it doesn’t make sense to block off a large part of the road out of season when there are no buses around, so the Council’s had a rethink.

Steve says the Council will put up some new signs soon, informing drivers of the seasonal restriction period, but until they are installed you shouldn’t park there.

He’s pleased with what has been achieved by the road markings and believes that the appearance of Hugh Town has “jumped up by 200%” since the markings on the roads were laid.

He joked that the town looks “pleasantly post-apocalyptic” because it’s so traffic-free and says he’d had no negative comments abut the restrictions.

Four islanders have received parking tickets since the restrictions were introduced on the 23rd October. Two were issued on the first day of enforcement, one ticket was given on the 24th and another on the 29th.

Few drivers are risking fines by parking on the lines. The islands’ police say most shopkeepers are supportive of the measures but officers have heard some interesting excuses and questions from drivers.

PC Faye Webb says the rules are clear – if your parked car is on a yellow line, even if you are dashing inside to buy just one item from a shop, you will receive a ticket unless you have a blue badge exemption.

If it is questionable, islanders will be able to argue their case in court, she says.

All the fines raised go directly to central government, as Scilly is exceptional in that police enforce here, not the local authority.

If the Council paid for enforcement staff they’d pick up the fine money.

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