Council Seeks Private Group To Take On Social Care Work

town hall flowersMore of Scilly’s health and social care services are likely to be delivered by the private and voluntary sectors in the future.

It follows the announcement that the Council is looking for an organisation to manage its new ‘Living Well’ programme for older residents on the islands.

The project aims to recruit volunteers to help care for elderly and vulnerable adults, enabling them to stay in their homes for longer.

The organisation that puts in a successful tender for the Council contract, which has just been announced, will also need to identify people thought to be at risk of social isolation across the islands and provide support to help them stay involved with the community.

It’s part of a wider move by the Government to integrate health and social care and Scilly’s approach is being modelled on a project launched in Cornwall and trialled in Newquay last year.

The work comes with a £30,000 a year funding package from the NHS, guaranteed until March 2016.

The difficulty in finding home help assistants, particularly on the off-islands, has been highlighted in several Council meetings recently.

In February, St Martin’s councillor Colin Daly told a Community Services meeting that he couldn’t find a care assistant after breaking his hip in 2010.

And Senior Manager for Community Services Aisling Hick said it’s been difficult to recruit home workers because other sectors in Scilly, such as tourism, pay better.

Back in July Age UK, who already run the Buzza Bus service on St Mary’s, met with Council and Health Service staff to discuss the Living Well project and the potential for them to provide home support assistants.