Scilly’s New Dairy Owner Has Busy First Season

yves peck dairyA business owner who has just completed her first season has offered some advice to anyone thinking of moving to the islands. Don’t change anything too quickly!

Yve Peck and husband Mick moved from Northamptonshire in May to take over the longstanding Dairy shop on the Strand, St Mary’s.

But any chance of a change in pace from the mainland has been short-lived. Yve says they’ve both worked “incredibly long hours” over the summer but the couple are still loving being in Scilly.

Yve says she’s been much more involved with the business than she first thought, trying to put her own stamp on it.

And she says she’s learnt to be much more patient – both with customers and herself.

Yve said she quickly realised that the Dairy, which combines milk deliveries, a food takeaway and café service and a DVD rental library, is a business that works well.

She said islanders and visitors “who have been coming for donkey’s years” have told her they like it that way and don’t want to see it change.

So while Yve says she believes there’s plenty of potential in the business, she’s going to “go with the flow.”

She did have plans to run handicraft courses over the summer – that’s taken a back seat because the couple have been so busy.

She’s now going to look at those during the winter period when there’s more time for herself and her customers to try them out.

Yve says it came as a surprise how busy islanders are and how hard they work. And she feels people are more dedicated to their work here than on the mainland.

She’s glad it’s been a “bumper year” with amazing weather and improving visitor numbers but she’s also aware that it might not always be that way.

The Dairy will be opening through the winter, says Yve, although she’s taking her foot off the pedal a little with shorter opening hours.