Can You Help Solve A Tresco Puzzle?

tresco structure

The structure is seen in front of the cottages in the centre of this image

The editor of the Tresco Times says he’d like to hear theories about a mysterious structure that’s disappeared from the island.

Visiting journalist Martin Hesp has recently re-opened the debate over the identity of what appears to be a stone shape, around 20 feet high, on the site now occupied by the school.

It appears on a photograph taken before the church was built, an image from before 1877.

Alasdair Moore says there’s nothing marked on a detailed map of the island produced by the Duchy as an inventory for Augustus Smith in 1832.

Alasdair says there have been suggestions that the structure was a communal oven designed to prevent islanders taking peat from the north of the island.

Islander Eve Cooper disagrees with that. Eve has asked Duchy officials from both London and Cornwall about it previously and she suggests it could mark a water source, such as a well or a pump.

Now the Western Morning News has put the structure in the spotlight again. Alasdair says he’d be keen to hear from anyone with the definitive answer to the picture puzzle.

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