Manufacturing Service Helping More Scilly Food Producers

Martyn Pearson (right)

Martyn Pearson (right)

The agency that advises Scilly’s businesses on manufacturing says there’s been an increase in enquiries from potential food and drink providers.

Last week Radio Scilly featured national press reports suggesting that Scilly could be the latest gastronomy destination.

Now Martyn Pearson of the South West Manufacturing Advisory Service says he’s heard from a number of locals who want to branch out on their own.

Martyn says its clear that the economy has turned around and he’d urged any locals who want to go-it-alone to tap into the expert business support currently on offer from a range of providers.

He says our offshore location shouldn’t prevent food or drink exporting start-ups from being a success. He says people just needed to be a bit ‘smarter’ in how they use the infrastructure.

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