Councillor ‘Frustrated’ Over New Town Hall Opening Hours

town hall windows signA St Mary’s councillor says he’s becoming “increasingly annoyed and frustrated” by the lack of consultation on major issues concerning the restructuring of the Council.

It follows the announcement on Friday evening that, from today, the Town Hall will only be open to the public between 11am and 2pm on weekdays. Anyone wanting to visit the Council outside these hours will need to have an appointment.

Previously islanders wishing to pay bills or deal with other business could do that from 8.30am to 5pm.

But Cllr Gordon Bilsborough says the revised opening hours have not been approved by members and he only heard about it by email on Friday.

He says this major change of services to the community “should not have been an edict by the Officers.”

Gordon says elected members haven’t been told the reasons for the changes although he suspects it is to save money. “It appears that the latest Council reorganisation has left some areas short of staff,” he says.

Gordon says he’s perplexed about the “so-called winter opening times” since the public need reasonable access to the Town Hall all year round.

He said many people come into the town early to do their shopping and use the opportunity to pay their rent and other activities, before 11am.

Gordon believes that it should be the elected members that make policy decisions, which must be implemented by the officers.

He said, “I realise I may get my knuckles rapped severely for voicing my views to the media, but my first loyalty is to the electors, not the Council, although the opposite has been suggested to me. That vital principle is not negotiable, he says.

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