School Leadership Praised For Building Links With Parents

school summer 1There’s good news from the Five Islands School on the day that they break up for half term.

The school has been recognised for the strong links they’ve developed between pupils’ homes and the classroom, despite our geographic challenges.

The Leading Parent Partnership Award consults schools on how to strengthen relationships with parents.

They believe that children achieve best in education when their families are involved in their school life and the more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively they will learn in lesson time.

Around 800 schools pay to have LPPA advisers assess their schools and, if required, advise them on how to meet Ofsted requirements for excellence.

After a year of gathering evidence, evaluating parents’ feedback and meeting with mums and dads, Scilly’s school has passed the assessors’ tests.

The consultants’ report says that they recognise the drive and commitment of the school’s leadership team, governors and the staff.

And they said that the relationship between the school and the parents is very good.

The LPPA says: “The school is very flexible in its approach and does not let potential geographical and logistic barriers deter from its determination to involve the whole school community across the islands.”

The Five Islands School will now host further workshops to help parents understand what happens in school so that they can better support their children.

The LPPA accreditation lasts for three years and the school will be invited to be reassessed after then.