Council To Review Controversial Street Trading Policy

phill deason veg stallThe Council’s street trading policy is set to be reviewed only 18 months after being introduced.

The current policy says the Council can’t grant a licence to anyone who wants to trade within 50 metres of an existing business, including another street trader, selling similar goods.

But at last week’s Licensing Committee meeting, Council Officer Sue Pritchard tabled a report informing members that the policy had caused “some controversy.”

Sue says 50 metres is a “quite a large distance in such a small business area” and has led to a number of issues arising.

She’s asked councillors to decide whether this needs to be changed or at least the wording made clearer.

Several street trading licences have been issued over the past year, mainly for take-away food businesses, and most are operating in a small area behind the Town Hall.

Sue also asked members if they wanted to review the list of prohibited streets where trading is banned. These are Hugh Street, Old Town Road, Church Road, High Cross Lane, Old Town Lane and Jerusalem Terrace.

Earlier this year there was an outcry from islanders after St Mary’s fruit and veg seller Phill Deason was moved from his regular pitch outside the former Cornerhouse building on Hugh Street to an area by the Bishop and Wolf pub.

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