Off-Island Care Discussed By Councillors



Vulnerable adults on the off-islands could get a novel alternative to meals-on-wheels and help with disposing of their rubbish.

Head of Adult Social Care Gareth Peters told councillors at Tuesday’s Community Services Meeting that Scilly was “quite unusual” as most local authorities no longer provide meals-on-wheels.

The service on St Mary’s is run by Peninsula Community Health, who manage the hospital, and the deliveries are made by volunteers.

But St Martin’s councillor, Colin Daly, asked what support off-islanders could get, joking that he wasn’t expecting ‘meals-on-keels.’

Gareth said off-islanders can be offered frozen meals, prepared and delivered from a mainland supplier, and these were already proving quite popular on St Mary’s. He said people like them because they can order what they want, when they want.

Senior Manager for Community Services, Aisling Hick, said they were also looking at the mainland trend of ‘casserole clubs.’

This is where volunteers are asked to cook an extra portion of food, which is then delivered to the person who needs it.

But she assured Cllr Daly that anyone who needs meals on the off-islands would get them.

Aisling said there would also be more home care available in the future and the Council is trying to recruit off-island residents to provide this, to reduce the costs such as boating.

She said there are lots of new people living on the off-islands who might be interested in this type of work and they’d receive training from Park House staff.

They’ll also be looking for more volunteers to help out with things like shopping, particularly older retirees who want to “give something back.”

Aisling said discussions were taking place about how older people could get doorstep waste collections on the off-islands and this is likely to be part of any service contracts in the future.

Bryher-based councillor Marian Bennett, suggested this could be extended to other residents for a fee, which could help to pay for the service. Aisling said this was “a great idea.

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