Islands’ Police Ready To Enforce Parking Restrictions As New Yellow Lines Laid

yellow lines going downThe islands’ police Sergeant says his team will be actively enforcing parking restrictions in Hugh Town from today.

It follows the completion of new road markings, including double yellow lines, along parts of Hugh Street.

Only Blue Badge holders and vehicles loading and unloading will be allowed to park during the restricted periods.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says he’ll be reviewing the lines and signs to determine if they are up to enforcement standard this morning.

And he says he hopes that people will respect the parking restrictions that the community has been asking for, that the Council has made possible, and that the police have the responsibility to enforce.

Colin says he’d rather motorists observed the restrictions and not risk bringing themselves into conflict with those doing the enforcing.

He said it could be a steep learning curve for some who may “have to be helped over this curve by having to be reported for a parking offence.”

Colin says no tickets will be given out at the roadside.

Instead the offending driver will get an ‘Officer Seen Committing Offence’ report (OSCO) and a decision to issue a ticket will be made at the Plymouth Collisions and Ticketing Centre.

Colin says in practise, those reported will be offered a £30 fine and receive instructions by post about how to pay and what to do in the event they wish to challenge the fine.

And it’s not just Hugh Town where drivers will need to be careful. Colin says zigzag lines have been laid outside the Five Island School entrance and he’s “strongly urging” drivers to observe these.

He says they’re “unambiguously there to reduce the risk of harm to our children on the road.”

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