Scilly’s Unique Football League Under The Spotlight

garrison footballA football writer has found parallels between the two St Mary’s soccer teams and the larger professional league clubs.

Timothy Kennett visited the islands last November to research an article that appears in the latest edition of The Football Pink.

During his trip he watched the weekly match between the Garrison Gunners and Woolpack Wanderers, the two teams that play each other 17 times throughout the season.

The author argues that elements of Scilly’s football league may at first appear absurd, and he says ‘league’ is a “grandiose title,” but adds that we’re not as different as some recent articles would suggest.

He’s read through recent press reports from sources including Fifa, Adidas and the BBC.

Many highlight the dedication of the islands’ players, but Timothy argues that’s not unusual and a commitment to a weekly game can be found in amateur clubs across Britain. Our only difference is our geographic isolation.

The article challenges some reports that suggest that our league appears pointless with just two potential outcomes. That’s no different from professional football, he says, where only a few top clubs make the cup finals and where the league outcomes are determined early in the season.

But the age of our players remains an unique point of difference. Mr Kennett points out that one player is over 70 years of age and that most team members are in their 30’s, because people tend to leave the islands to finish their education at 16, and don’t tend to come back until they’re wealthy enough to buy expensive property.