Council Wants Islanders’ Views On New Licensing Policy

town hall windows signYou’re being asked for your views on the Council’s licensing policy.

Their strategy for 2015 to 2020 has been agreed in consultation with the Police, Children’s services, GPs and other agencies. The plan recognises the importance of tourism, which accounts for 85% of Scilly’s economy.

Some local authorities have started charging licenced premises for the costs of policing the so-called ‘late night economy.’

That’s not happened here, but the plan highlights the role that licensees have in limiting noise, disturbance and anti-social behaviour.

Our low level of background noise means that sound can travel at night and the plan refers to the 2013 Community Safety Survey, which indicated some concerns over drunken or rowdy behaviour, drinking on streets and beaches in the Hugh Town area, as well as a general unease about underage consumption of alcohol.

The strategy warns that many visitors, particularly the retired or those with younger families would be deterred by noise or inappropriate behaviour.

The Council says they recognise the problems with later opening and each application will be considered on its merits, considering the location and the type of premises.

Applicants wishing to extend their hours of operation will be expected to demonstrate that the granting of the later licence is not likely to undermine crime prevention or public nuisance objectives.

New conditions came into effect at the start of this month preventing pubs and licensed premises from some drinks promotions or organising games that encourage drinking as much booze as possible in a time limit.

Flyers that glamorize alcohol are not allowed and bar staff may not dispense drinks directly into peoples’ mouths. Tap water must be available on request, too.

The full public consultation will run until 14th November and the Council wants you to comment on the draft policy, including amendments, deletions or additions as considered appropriate.

All responses will be referred to the next Licensing Committee meeting on 27th November where a final version will be considered.

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