Mainland Marketing Celebrate 25 Years Of Business

Mainland Marketing exhibition on the history of flower farming in Scilly

Mainland Marketing exhibition on the history of flower farming in Scilly

It’s Mainland Marketing’s 25th anniversary today. The business was established by flower farmers and is still run by them, operating as a central distribution hub for nine of the small Duchy of Cornwall-tenanted, family-run farms.

The building, based near St Mary’s Airport, was built by the farmers themselves.

Five years ago the co-operative invested in new technology to improve the efficiency of grading, packing and despatching flowers to the mainland. It was considered a significant investment.

Their team now sends out over one and a half million bunches of scented narcissi during each and every flower season.

Director Andrew May says reaching their quarter century is a time to reflect on what they’ve achieved and also look forward to the future.

Andew says the key to Mainland Marketing’s success has been their ability to evolve – from the traditional reliance on London wholesalers to supplying supermarkets in a ‘boutique’ way, although he feels that may not last forever.

So they’ve developed new markets, including direct sales to the customer and to florists seeking a high quality, British product

This summer Mainland Marketing set up an exhibition documenting the contribution that the sector has made to the islands economy over the last 150 years. It will become a regular fixture as Andrew says he’s proud of what they’ve built.

Selling flowers has been a tough business over the past few years, says Andrew, but he says the fact the business is still here says a lot. And he feels there could be more success in the future.

This evening’s anniversary celebration starts at 6pm at Juliet’s Garden Restaurant and there’ll be music from the Sunset Syncopators.