‘Best Season’ For Islands’ Food Producers

phill deason veg stallScilly’s former Food Champion says it’s been the best season for islands’ produce. And Issy Tibbs says she’s noticed how the sector has developed each year since she’s returned home to live on Bryher.

Issy says there’s a real feeling of excitement about local produce and people in business have reported a good year with plenty of sales.

During her fixed term project with the Farmers’ and Growers’ Initiative, Issy produced the islands’ Food Directory. She says people still request copies and say they find it a useful resource.

Issy, a food producer herself, says that visitors want to know the story behind what they eat, and how the food has been sourced.

Scilly is special because you can meet the producers, she says. That’s more difficult on the mainland, despite the keen interest in the local food offer in Cornwall.

The latest entrants to food production in Scilly have set a high standard.

Issy says the new sea salt from St Martin’s is one of the best products of its type that she’s ever sampled. And she praised the excellent quality of the duck being produced at Salakee Farm on St Mary’s.

There remain some transport challenges, particularly in winter, for any exporters, but Issy says it would be good to see the islands recognised nationally for our range of produce and she advises any would-be producers to contact the Farmers’ and Growers’ Initiative at Trenoweth.

Issy says their team is still in place and will help and support islanders interested in starting a food business.

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