Scilly Shipwreck Images Go On Display In Cornwall

gibson shipwreck photoIslanders travelling to Cornwall will have a chance to view a dramatic and haunting collection of shipwreck images, many of which reflect events in Scilly.

An archive of photographs, captured by four generations of the Gibson family between 1872 and 1997 are on display in an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth.

The collection went under the hammer at Sotheby’s in 2013 and sold for £122,000.

Moves had been made by the Isles of Scilly Museum to secure the images but they were unable to get the funds together.

After their successful bid, the National Maritime Museum promised to take the pictures on a UK tour, and to bring them to the South West.

Since the purchase they’ve been conserving and digitising approximately 1,500 glass plates.

The museum say the collection represents “one of the most graphic and emotive depictions of shipwrecks, lifesaving and its aftermath produced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”

But they point out they now believe that some of the exhibition pieces may have originated from other sources and don’t wish to mislead people into thinking all of the pictures are Gibson archive pieces.

The exhibition is open in Falmouth until January 18th.