Constant Updates For St Mary’s Visitor Map

airport from aboveYou may think St Mary’s stays more or less the same, but the team who produce the islands’ distinctive blue and white visitor maps have revealed the extent of change in recent years.

Barrie Nuttall says there’ll be a revised edition for next year.

It’s obvious that major developments like the Porthcressa library or the new school require redesign and reprinting of the map. But there have been some smaller alterations that need to be reflected too.

The number of phone boxes on the island has been halved from ten to five. The Carn Thomas boxes have gone and the quay phone is no longer in operation.

Barrie says he notes the changes while walking around the island, which he then marks down on a draft schedule for the new map.

He says there are some places, which have been left off the plan on purpose but adds you’ll have to guess what those are.

But the quay extension won’t feature unless it is finished at the time of printing. He won’t assume a landmark will be ready either – they put the Holy Vale Winery on the 2012 map when it gained planning consent but the opening was delayed.

And the marking of footpaths can be a challenge too because in Scilly, locals and visitors are not guaranteed legal access across the Duchy-owned countryside or coastal paths.

The actual map was based on a 1750 chart of the island that Tim Guthrie’s father owned. If they had used an up-to-date guide, there would have been a significant licence fee payable to the Ordnance Survey.

Tim says the actual coastline hasn’t changed hugely so it’s still fine to base it on that original.

A new run of 10,000 updated maps will go on sale next season.