Island Youngsters To Get More Information On Drug And Alcohol Misuse

school summer 1Youngsters in Scilly will be given more information about dealing with drug and alcohol misuse, following the relaunch of the YZUP programme on the islands.

School Substance Awareness Worker with YZUP, Jodie Lynes, says there’s no standard way to teach youngsters about drugs and every area has specific needs and issues.

And while many adults think there’s no problem with drugs in Scilly, Jodie says it’s about providing children with the information they need to make decisions if and when they’re faced with that choice, either here or when they move to the mainland.

She’ll be spending time with our 11 to 18-year-olds in the coming months to find out what they already know about drugs and where there are gaps in their understanding.

The team will also work with the Council’s Youth Hub to create a space where young people can come and talk about any concerns they have confidentially.

Jodie says it can sometimes seem like the majority of youngsters are involved with drugs and alcohol, but in reality it’s a small minority.

She says youngsters tend to want to know about the effects of different drugs on their health.

That’s important, says Jodie, because younger people often don’t think about the long-term consequences of alcohol and substance abuse.

She’ll also be making sure our children can identify different drugs, many of which look the same but can have very different effects.

School Head Teacher Linda Todd says she’s been impressed with the YZUP organisation.

She says she values the work that they do with young people both in Cornwall and in the Isles of Scilly, to ensure that students are well informed.