Police Seek Witnesses After Another Vehicle Stolen In Scilly

police skids oct 2014St Mary’s Police are looking for witnesses after another stolen vehicle was written off in a crash.

On Saturday night, just after midnight, the Steamship Company’s van was taken from Porthmellon.

It was driven clockwise around the island but the driver failed to take the corner at Carn Friars and the van skidded across the road and crashed into a hedge.

Whoever crashed the van, left it at the scene.

It’s the fourth incident of vehicle theft in three months. Two cars have now been damaged beyond economic repair and one has required significant work.

In August a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser was driven at speed and collided with an oncoming vehicle near Bay View Terrace.

A passenger in the car that was hit was taken to St Mary’s hospital with whiplash.

The car thief also caused damage to a building and smashed into signboards.

In the same month, a silver Peugeot was stolen on St Martin’s and found abandoned near Lower Town Quay. It’s understood that the van stolen on Saturday was not ‘hotwired.’

At the end of September a golf buggy was taken from its parking space near Porthcressa and appears to have been pushed along the seafront.

PC Marc Blyth, who is back in Scilly covering police leave, says this theft could easily have ended in a serious accident.

He says the angle of the skid indicates the van could have overturned, causing injury to the driver, occupants of other cars or pedestrians.

Marc is appealing for witnesses. The town was busy on Saturday night with a birthday function and the Gig Club dinner and he’s hoping that someone saw something.

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