Busy Week For Seabird Project Volunteers

Seabird Project 2014It’s been a busy week for volunteers in the Seabird Recovery Project.

Monday was Bin Day on St Agnes, where the community was reminded of the need to manage their waste to ensure any rats returning to the islands won’t have a food supply.

Volunteer Lindsey Death was also handing out crib sheets and ‘shrew monitoring packs’ to each household. These crib sheets help everyone to learn the difference between shrew and rat droppings so any re-invaders can be spotted quickly.

On Tuesday, children from St Martin’s school went birdwatching and learnt about why their island’s sand flats, which act as a fish nursery, are so important for seabirds.

They also got creative in the classroom, making willow fish to show family and friends.

Wednesday was an opportunity for St Agnes residents to hear about the next phase of the project, including a ‘droppings quiz!’

On Thursday, it was ‘Apple Day,’ at St Agnes School. Volunteers Lindsey Death and Lydia Titterton helped schoolchildren collect apples and turn them into bird feeders.

They learnt why fallen fruit should be removed from the ground to keep the island rat-free.

Finally, Friday saw a full St Agnes and Gugh beach clean with help of the local birders in between ‘twitching.’

Jaclyn thanked all the volunteers for their hard work.