League Of Friends Provides Funds For Mundesley Sickroom

Mundesley House

Mundesley House

The St Mary’s Community and Hospital League of Friends has provided funds to create a dedicated sick room at Mundesley Boarding House.

Chairman Ann Mumford says the idea was suggested by school nurse Gina Smith.

Ann said the League felt this was important, especially if one of the children was sick and needed to be kept separate from the others.

They’ve given around £1,000 to refurbish one of the rooms, including a sofa, soft furnishings and curtains, and a TV with a DVD player.

One of the existing hospital beds will also be put in, with a new mattress.

Ann says when the children are away from home, it’s nice for them to have somewhere comforting to go if they’re ill.

But not all requests to the League have received funding this year.

Ann says Park House had asked for a ceiling hoist for the room of one resident, but the whole committee felt this was something that should be provided by the Council.

She says it appeared to be an important piece of equipment and outside the League’s normal area of providing items that enhance the comfort of patients.

Ann says it’s a sign of the times that they’re being asked to fund items that the health and social care services can’t afford.

She says they’d normally expect applicants to have exhausted all the usual sources before coming to the League for funds.