Islanders Raise Sewerage Concerns With MP

Scilly's MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George

Islanders want more done to clean up Scilly’s sewerage. That’s the view of Scilly’s Member of Parliament after locals commented on the current situation at his recent public meeting.

Andrew George says we should consider bringing in South West Water or another provider as a “pragmatic and practical” solution.

But he also warns that a private company probably wouldn’t want to take on this project without financial support.

Scilly is unique in that the islands were specifically excluded from the Water Act created when most mainland providers were privatised and now we need investment to catch-up with European standards.

Andrew says issues around drinking water standards were addressed some years ago, when desalination started, but he says the waste water arrangements are still unsatisfactory.

He’s spoken to Ministers about our discharges a number of times over the years but feels cleaning up sewerage systems and regularising drinking water standards may be too much for the islands’ council.

He says there’s an “underlying dissatisfaction” with the current arrangements but adds that he can’t resolve this alone.

The Council’s infrastructure report, produced by consultants Ash Futures, outlines a £4m plan for a screening plant, which would remove larger objects in waste water before it’s discharged at the Morning Point outfall.

Defra has offered £1m towards the cost, but the meeting heard some islanders feel the plans don’t go far enough.

Andrew says all players now need to “look hard” at the solution and he’s keen to work with the Council to find a resolution.