Islanders Asked To Support Formation Of New Royal British Legion Branch

Smudge Smith

Smudge Smith

It looks like another of islander Smudge Smith’s goals will be achieved at a public meeting on Friday, where the formation of Scilly’s new branch of the Royal British Legion will be discussed.

He’s hoping it could be in place by Christmas.

Smudge, who has lived in Scilly continually since the 1960s, says he can’t remember when the club was last operated in its own right.

Around 20 islanders have come forward offering to get involved and Smudge says he’d be delighted if more came. At least 15 volunteers will be needed to form a Committee including a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

If enough people attended the meeting at the Masonic Hall at 7.30pm tomorrow (Friday 10th October) the County HQ in Cornwall will be informed and it is hoped that a representative will visit and give permission to form an official branch.

Richard Smith of the Scillonian Club has offered the Lyonesse bar as a venue for the 4 or 5 annual meetings, most likely to held between October and March.

It’s hoped that, if a branch is formed, there will be close association with army cadets and a separate group at the school.

Smudge wants youngsters with “a bit of go” to help fundraise for older and disabled service personnel and their families.

Smudge has had a successful year. In July, another of his campaigns, to fund a separate, easier to access war memorial, was completed with its unveiling in The Park.

He also arranged for the purchase of new standards, as the existing ones were so out-of-date they didn’t contain the word “Royal.”