Council Puts Silent Meeting On Website

wesleyan chapel 2You’ve heard the Victorian saying that “children should be seen and not heard.” Now the Council has gone one step further and applied this to their Children and Young People’s Committee.

The Town Hall employs an officer to operate the webcast of meetings so the public can view democracy in action.

But after microphones and loudspeakers started playing up ten minutes into Tuesday’s meeting, the sound was cut.

Filming continued, with no sound, for the rest of the hour-long meeting, creating a silent movie and meaning that only islanders who are very good lip readers can follow the decisions being taken.

Councillor Gordon Bilsborough, who was following the meeting at home, was amused

Gordon says it brought back childhood memories of watching 1920’s silent movies of Charlie Chaplain and Buster Keaton at his local cinema.

He’s suggests that if the Council has problems with the sound in future webcasts that they add “subtitles with suitable background piano music.”

The Council has now published the meeting on their website if you’d like to watch the proceedings.