Children’s Health Services In Scilly To Be Outsourced

hospital  nhs sign 2The Council says plans to put a range of children’s health and wellbeing services in Scilly out to tender are “a great opportunity” to improve their delivery.

The plans were announced on Tuesday by NHS Kernow, who organise the provision of health services across Scilly and Cornwall.

NHS Kernow said various functions would be outsourced, including school nursing, speech and language therapy, health visiting, family nurses and mental health.

The islands’ Council, which now has responsibility for various aspects of health and social care, said they’d been involved in making the decision and had consulted with key stakeholders, including the children and young people of the islands, on how they can provide the best possible services in the future.

They said they’d also held a number of workshops to review current provision and to ensure that the needs of our remote community are met.

The combined value of the contracts across the region will be £22 million per year and are expected to be in place by April 2016.

But Scilly’s MP Andrew George immediately issued a statement criticising the move.

Andrew said “when you give core NHS services to companies which may put profit before patient care you usually get a worsening of service, a system which puts ‘working to contract’ above doing what’s necessary for the patient and a fragmented service where patients fall between the cracks.”

Andrew said he supports NHS Kernow and respects their values but they’re being forced to put key services like this out to tender or risk facing the challenge of being deemed “anti-competitive.”

Earlier this year, the chairman of NHS Kernow’s governing body, Dr Colin Philip, admitted the organisation was in “a very big mess” with government spending cuts putting pressure on its £700m annual budget.

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