MCA Taking No Further Action Over Boating Incident

sea and rocksThe Maritime and Coastguard Agency will be taking no further action over a boating incident that occurred in Scilly’s waters on the 28th August.

It happened at around 10.30am, just past the Bacon Ledge, when two vessels came into contact with each other heading from St Mary’s to Tresco.

The Council’s Boating Subcommittee suspended the licence of the skipper of one of the boats last month, pending further investigations by the MCA.

The MCA have now closed the case and referred it back to the Boating Committee to deal with locally and to decide any sanctions.

Maritime Officer Steve Watt says the skipper’s suspension has been extended to one month in total, meaning he can return to his duties on October 11th. He says both the Committee and the MCA felt that was an appropriate sanction for the incident.

He’ll also be requested to attend a meeting with St Mary’s Harbourmaster, Scilly’s Police Sergeant and the Council’s Legal Officer.