Victorian Act Of Parliament Won’t Stop Use Of Schiller Shelter Says Council

tourist information centre flagA long forgotten Act of Parliament, introduced when Benjamin Disraeli was Prime Minister, shouldn’t stop the Council or a third party operating the Schiller Shelter as a Tourist Information Centre.

The Council decided last month to outsource the TIC service and is looking for an operator to take on the function.

But some islanders had questioned whether the Schiller Shelter can be used for this.

Porthcressa Bank is designated as a ‘Pleasure Ground’ under the 1875 Public Health Act. This could have meant that without relevant byelaws in place, the local authority wouldn’t be able to allow any part of it to be operated commercially, including the Shelter.

In response to questions from Radio Scilly, the Council says Porthcressa Bank is indeed classed as a Pleasure Ground, but this doesn’t include the Shelter, which stands on land purchased separately by the local authority.

There are no specific byelaws in place covering the land, although the Council says the ‘Byelaws For Good Rule And Government Of The Isles Of Scilly And For The Prevention Of Nuisance’ that took effect in 1985 would cover Porthcressa.

This forbids activities such as dog fouling, spitting or the driving and leading of bulls across the land.

The Council says there’s no impediment to the Shelter being used as a TIC, by themselves or a contractor, as long as any activities don’t contravene these restrictions.