Police Warning About Seatbelt Use in Scilly

police landrover backThe islands’ police team say they will “keep up the pressure” on motorists and passengers who don’t use seatbelts when they drive around St Mary’s.

Devon and Cornwall Police have prioritised the promotion of the seatbelt requirements recently and Sergeant Colin Taylor says he’s noticed a higher prevalence of drivers who don’t buckle up here, compared to the mainland.

Colin has advised around twenty drivers and most, he says, seem to have just got into a habit of not wearing a seatbelt.

But he says there are some persistent offenders who just “roll their eyes” but he’s required to enforce the law that was introduced back in 1983.

Colin says drivers need to follow the rules of the road as they would do if they were on the mainland because a head-on collision here is just as dangerous.

He says he’ll first talk to people who break the seatbelt law, but he’s warning that repeat offenders could end up with a fine.

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