Wildlife Trust Hoping To Build Better Relations With Birdwatchers

birdwatchers 2Scilly’s Wildlife Trust is hoping to build better relationships with the birdwatching community, starting today.

Their latest intern, or volunteer, Sophie-May Lewis, is starting a one-month placement here.

She’ll be talking to the visiting ornithologists to understand how the Trust can work more closely with them to improve their experience on the islands.

Sophie-May says she’ll be attending the nightly bird logs at the Scillonian Club, which will be a good opportunity to get to know the birdwatchers and talk to them about what the Trust does.

She’ll also be keeping the social media pages up to date with the latest birding news.

Sophie-May says she’s excited to be working in Scilly because it’s somewhere she’s always wanted to visit, ever since her childhood holidays in Cornwall.

She wants to build a career in conservation and believes the internship will provide some valuable experience to add to her CV. She’s also looking forward to some great opportunities to observe the birdlife that arrives on the islands during the autumn migration.

And Sophie-May has another reason for wanting to visit the islands. Her great-great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Alexandra Moyle, was born on St Mary’s. Her father was the well-known island doctor and artist, John Grenfell Moyle.

Sophie-May says she hopes she’ll be able to squeeze in some research into her family tree during her free time while she’s here.