Men Arrested For Being Drunk And Disorderly

police station 4Two temporary workers have been issued with £90 fixed penalty tickets for being drunk and disorderly in town after a Friday night drinking session.

The men were arrested on Church Street at around 3am on Saturday morning. They started squaring up for a fight with each other after leaving The Mermaid Inn, which had a 2am extension for the Newquay Invitation Gig Weekend.

The pair had received a number of warnings from the police as they drunkenly made their way from the Bank through town, goading each other.

St Mary’s Police arrested the pair. They were split up and when the police returned to town after dropping one of the men off at his accommodation, they found the second male red-handed, stealing someone’s bicycle.

Sergeant Taylor says the pair will have had a costly night out, in addition to their large bar bill.