Scilly’s Rental Market Amongst Highest In the Country

hugh town from garrisonScilly has the third highest percentage of rented property in the country, according to research by Direct Line.

The national insurance company’s figures reveal Inner London as the number one rental market with 30.7% of all accommodation there provided by landlords. Next comes Bournemouth at 30% and then Scilly with 29.7% of local homes rented.

Estate Agent Ian Sibley feels that the Duchy must be included as a private landlord to account for such a high percentage.

But even though it appears a sizeable part of the property market, available homes to rent are rare here.

Recently the shortage made the headlines when Annabelle Bradburn, who has been offered the islands’ community midwife role, said she’ll probably have to turn down the job.

Annabelle has set a deadline of today to find a home. She says she’s only found a winter let until March or a rental on a house that is for up for sale and that doesn’t offer the security she needs for relocating from Hertfordshire and putting her son in a new school.

And it’s a situation that looks unlikely to change. Estate Agent Tony Dingley says there hasn’t been any switch from the use from holiday rentals to residential lets.

Ian Sibley agrees, adding that there’s always demand for long-term accommodation.