Sports And Music Festival Funds Distributed To Islands’ Good Causes

sports and music festival 2013The weather for this year’s Sports and Music Festival was what Britons expect on a Bank holiday – the heavens opened on the Sunday event on the Garrison.

The marquee helped keep people dry and despite the downpours, the event generated £5,500 for good causes.

It’s taken a while to apportion the cash to the different charities as organisers agreed that some of the bigger money makers – the volunteers providing food and drink – should give 25% of their profits to a pool of cash, which was distributed to smaller good causes.

After the deductions, the Football Club will receive £1,400, while the Cricket and Judo Clubs get £500 each. St Mary’s Gig Club made £728, but after donating to the general fund will keep £500 for themselves.

The Rotary burgers made £825 after their donation to smaller groups.

Cancer Research UK gets £820 and the Adam Mallon Sports Fund gets £600 to help support the travel costs of children who want to develop their sport on the mainland.

Cornwall Air Ambulance didn’t make much on the day so they were offered a donation from the committee of £65.

Dom Wild has set up a music fund to help children developing their talent, which will receive £500, while the Five Islands School Football Club got £100.

St John Ambulance, who had Beryl Read attend as a first aider, will be awarded £100 while the Christmas Lights Fund got a further £50.