Scillonian III Greeting And Farewell To Return Next Season

scillonian gangwayThe islands’ tradition of waving off departing Scillonian passengers on the quay will be allowed once again next year.

Some people have expressed their disappointment that the practice has been disallowed this season but Harbourmaster Dale Clark has scotched suggestions on social media that health and safety rules will prevent it again in the future.

Dale says that the volume of harbour works and the narrowing of the quay have meant it’s been impractical to allow friends to say farewell or greet them from the end of the structure.

People tend to walk to the end of the quay, against the flow of freight and goods, especially when the boat is coming in.

After the £9m harbour extension and refurbishment works this winter, Dale says passengers can once again be met or bid farewell, as long as you wait for goods to be moved first.